DiBenedetto Light Weight Roof Tile
"Kansas City's Finest Roof Tile"


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Standard Color Blends

std_color_blends/01 English,Slate,Blnd 40%Dk,Gray40%MedGray20%LiteGray    
01 English Slate Blnd
40% Dk, Grey  
40% Med Grey
 20% Lite Grey
  02 Mediterranean Blnd
25% Tera-cotta,
Spanish Red, Coco
12% Cedar, Adobe
03 Multi Colored Slat Blnd
25% Dark Grey, Med Grey, Burgundy
12% Lt Grey, Dark Green
  04 New England Shake Blnd
Med. Grey with Coco, Green & Black Flash- Brushed
05 Regal Slate Blnd
25% Dark Grey, Burgundy,
Shake Brown, Med Taupe
  06 Rustic Shake Blnd
33% Shk Brown,
Med Grey, Med Taupe
07 Southwestern Desert Blnd
33% Adobe, Lite Taupe, Shake Brown with Black Flash, Brushed 002
  008 Shake Brown with Multi Surface Textures
33% Smooth, Brushed,
Raked & Brushed
09 Traditional Shake Blnd
33% Dark Med &.Lite Taupe Brushed