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A different type of roof tiles

DiBenedetto Light Weight Roof Tile offers many possibilities for various materials with which to construct a roof. Among our options, clients can select from slate blends, wood blends, and clay blends. These options can be viewed on our website, as our visual catalogue showcases many of our previously completed projects as samples of the roofs we can design and install. Slate roofing materials can be selected based on a number of different options. A standard slate roof is comprised of tiles of uniform shape and size. Or a different type of roof tiles can be found in a textural slate roof, in which the tiles will be chosen from among two or more different sizes. These tiles can also vary in color and thickness, depending on the client's house and preferences. Whatever your roofing needs, with our large selection of different types of roof tiles, we can design a roof to match your home and style.

Selecting slate roofing materials

As a roofing material, slate offers a wide variety of options for a beautiful and protective home covering. The sample pictures available for your viewing on our website offer you a mere glimpse of the vast possibilities available if you select a slate roof to cover your home. Slate roofing materials present a considerable spectrum of choices to select from, as a single roof can be comprised of either uniformly sized tiles, or tiles which vary in shape and even thickness. According to this pattern, each slate roof can change the appearance of a house considerably, so that the house after the roof's installation can almost seem like a transformed living abode. Many of our clients choose tiles in a number of different complementary colors, so that their roof best represents their individual and distinctive styles. When they decide to use slate, a different type of roof tiles, their homes are covered and protected by a truly unique and striking roof.