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Different type of roof tiles

Different Type Of Roof Tiles

DiBenedetto Light Weight Roof Tile considers the preferences of our clients as our highest priority. Therefore, we offer a different type of roof tiles. Our selection includes many popular roof tile blends, including slate blends, wood blends, and clay blends. Many of our clients opt to cover their homes with roofing lightweight concrete options. Other clients select from among our green roof construction possibilities, if they have the environment in mind when determining the best selection for them. Customers concerned about the potentially damaging effects of the sun's rays can choose cool metal roof stone coated tiles to protect their families and themselves.

Roofing lightweight concrete options

We offer many options for shingles which can add elegance and distinction to your home. One of our most popular choices is roofing lightweight concrete options. This type of roof has installation and material costs close to a traditional roof, but it lasts much longer, sometimes up to three times as long. This light weight roof tile allows your home to be both beautiful and protected, and lends an air of elegance and distinction to your house.

Cool metal roof stone coated options

Cool Metal Roof Stone Coated

When a roof's tiles have been covered in paint specially treated to deflect the sun's rays, the home's inhabitants are protected much more securely from potentially damaging ultra violet light rays. Cool metal roof stone coated tiles offer this option. As a result, many of our clients elect to cover their homes with this material. The special paint coating for these roof tiles also helps to lend an air of beauty to a roof covering which also provides unique protection for your and your family.

Possibilities for green roof construction

Many of our environmentally conscious clients decide to explore options which can contribute to the protection of our planet. From our vast selection options, a different type of roof tiles includes our environmentally friendly possibilities. With green roof construction, we can design for our clients a biodiverse green roof, using an appropriate selection of materials and plan for installation which could actually transform your roof into a living eco-system. This option proves both beautiful and easy to maintain, and lends a unique quality to your home.